What does it take to be an Online Poker Pro

If you have ever thought about becoming a professional poker player, you are not alone. In fact, just about every lover of the game thinks about living the lifestyle of a poker pro. In order to do this a few years ago, you would really have to get up and go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Unless you already live there, that can be pretty tough. In order to be a pro player, you would have to risk everything and leave your current live. All of that has changed since the rise of online poker. Now, just about anyone “can” become an online poker professional.

Is it easy?

When we say “can” become, in online poker that means that the possibilities are endless, but it still takes more than you would believe. Not everyone can be a poker pro (not even online), but it is much easier than the old fashion way. Technically, you could start with $1 and make your way all the way up to high stakes poker and be a pro in no time. Still, it takes a lot of skill, discipline and patience.

Online Poker Pro

Treat Poker like a Business

Poker is a business in addition the the great game you love. If you are going to be a pro you must be able to manage your game as if it were a business. You must be able to properly manage you bankroll, money and everything else that goes along with the game. That is probably the biggest set back for most that try to do this. You can be the greatest poker player in the world, but if you are not able to manage everything properly, you do not have a chance.

Another thing is that becoming a professional poker player really takes balance. It can be very easy to play poker 24/7 if you love it enough, but that is only going to hurt you in the long run. You are talking about something that is going to run your entire life. You will be relying on poker as your full time income which is a lot of pressure. Without the balance, you are going to get overwhelmed and drained out. That is why so many players do well at first but end up going down hill a year later. Keep a balance in your life and that will not happen.

Track your Poker Stats

If you are going to be a poker pro online you must track everything. You are going to need to keep track of your statistics and hand histories. Improving your game nonstop is what it will take to get to where you are trying to be. Even once you are there, you will still need to be constantly trying to improve your game and get even better. The statistics will help you understand what you need to improve on. That is the hardest part, the improving is easy. Once you figure out what the problem is, you can fix it.

Becoming an online poker pro takes a special person. It is definitely possible for anyone to do it without ever leaving their home. You really do not even need a significant amount of money if you start off low and manage your bankroll. Just remember, it takes many different attributes to become a professional online poker pro. The reward is that your job is something you love to do, and that is priceless.

Poker Pro Recommended Rooms

We recommend BoDog Poker and PokerStars for good starting points on your quest to be a professional online poker player. Both rooms have a large number of weak players and inexperienced poker players that make it a bit easier to build your bankroll. Full Tilt seems to have a large number of very savvy players and therefore we recommend that poker room for more advanced players.