Multi-Table Play in Online Poker

Playing Multiple Tables (Multi-tabling)

Multiple Table Play - PokerOnline poker has become one of the best opportunities for skilled poker players all over the world. It is a place where bad poker players gather together and give away billions of dollars worth of cash. This is something that the skilled players are taking advantage of and making a very good living from as well. There are just so many features and different things that you can do with online poker that you can never go wrong. One of the best ways to take full advantage of online poker is to play multi-tables.

What is Multi-Table Play?

For some it is obvious, but for many people multi-table play is something that is not understood. Fortunately, it is exactly what it sounds like. All it means is that you play more than one table at the same time (multi-tabling). Some of the best online players in the world play up to twenty or more tables at the same time every day all day. This is the best way to get as much profit out of your session as possible. If you can turn a good profit from playing at one table, imagine what you could do at five tables? If you play them well, you would make around five times the amount that you were making at one table.

Best Poker Rooms for Multi-Table Play

1. Titan Poker - up to 12 tables at once, available in full screen mode with cascading tiles.

2. PokerStars - up to 8 tables at once, best software for multi tabling.

3. Full Tilt Poker - up to 8 tables at once, lots of inexperienced players.

Pros of Playing Multiple Tables

The obvious benefit of multi-table play is the fact that you can play more hands, which will probably lead to making more money. Playing more than one table is something you could never do in real life poker games. It is extremely nice to be able to play all of these games at the same time. Many people will tell you not to play more than one table and to focus on just one. You have to understand that they are two different strategies, and multi-table play is the best way to play poker online, because you can earn so much more by doing it.

How to Play Multiple Tables at Once - Multiple Table Strategy

Playing Multiple Tables in PokerWhether you are playing four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, or 100 tables, don’t just assume that multiplying the number of games you play by X will increase your profits by X. As with any sort of multi-tasking, opening up multiple tables will stretch your full attention out across all of them, inhibiting your ability to truly focus on any one game. This can be an inherent problem of online poker in general, as a lot of players become bored between hands and begin to surf the Internet, check their email, or open up more tables thinking that the faster pace of play will make them focus even harder.

If you’re serious about being a profitable player and want to multi-table, you should first be capable of remaining attentive of everything going on at only one table. Only then should you give multi-tabling a shot, adding one table at a time and going through a thorough session or two just to ensure that you can maintain the level of play that you’re accustomed to. This will be easier at levels where you’re playing primarily basic ABC poker, but can become more challenging as you’re required to get more into playing your opponents rather than playing your cards. When just starting to multi-table you may even want to drop down a level or two in order to experiment, while also keeping any resulting downswings to a minimum.

Choose Your Set-Up for Maximum Multi-Tabling

While multi-tabling you’ll want to chose a setup that makes managing many games as easy as possible. Pretty much every online poker room allows you to multi-table - though some more than others - and the majority of them allow you to change the table size and cascade or tile the tables.

Cascading the tables can be a bit more cumbersome than tiling them, which gives you the ability to easily squeeze about half a dozen tables onto your desktop without constantly moving them all around. The more intense multi-tablers among you may even want to invest in multiple monitors to fully surround yourselves in online poker paradise, while also cutting down on the clutter and allowing space for online poker software that you may want to have open while you play

Some players also swear by certain mouse and keyboard devices that allow them to multi-table more fluidly, and the software you use may enable you to use certain keyboard shortcuts to jump from table to table, folding, calling, and raising with ease. If you find that your setup just isn’t right for the number of tables that you want to play, or you’re fumbling through mis-clicks and auto-folds trying to keep up with every table, you’d probably be wise to slow things down before your bankroll evaporates, which can happen a whole lot faster when you’re multi-tabling.

Focus on Playing Similar Tables

Finally, since multi-tabling can be fairly dizzying in and of itself, try to make things easier on yourself by playing the same types of games at each table you have going. For instance, you’d probably go crazy trying to play a $1/2 NL Hold’em cash game, a $50+5 PLO tournament, and a $5+.50 HORSE sit-n-go all at once. Not only are you playing different types of poker, but you’d be playing against different levels of opponents as well. Even though it’s only three tables, this would be a recipe for disaster for many players. Keep things simple by multi-tabling similar games, and also take notes whenever possible about your opponents. This will save your memory from overworking itself as you jump back and forth between tables.

Cons of Multi Table Play

The only disadvantage to playing multiple tables at once, is that it can be pretty difficult to concentrate on all of those different games at the same time. Not everyone is able to play that many games at once. If you can manage to play well on all of the different tables, you will never look back. If you are not ready to go into multi-table mode, you could end up doing very terrible and losing a lot more money than you are probably looking to loose. That is why it is important to have a great set-up to maximize your play.

Conclusion on Multi-Tabling

The whole point here is to make more of a profit. If you can make your session more valuable and be able to make your session worth more, you can really scale your game up a lot more. That is why so many professional players play so many games at the same time. Multi-tabling is not for everyone. If you are serious about making money and playing poker online, it is a must. It maybe tough at first but you can just move up one table at time. Before you know it you are going to be playing ten tables at the same time, making your game ten times more profitable.

If you can transition into multi-tabling with the discipline and focus of a winning player, you should find it to be a profitable facet of playing online poker. Just remember to pace yourself and keep playing your A-game, using technology to your advantage, but still relying on your skill to drag each pot.

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