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Tips on How to Play Limit Omaha Hi

Limit Omaha, played for high only, is an action game that creates very large pots. Each player is dealt 4 cards and must use 2 cards from their hands and 3 cards from the board to make the best 5 card hands. Unlike Texas Hold’em, the best possibly hand is usually out there since each player has 4 hole cards.

Preflop Tips for Limit Omaha Hi:

  • Try and play 4 cards that work together. You want cards that are both connected and suited. Hands like 8s 9d 10d Js are premium hands that can make many combinations of straights or flushes.
  • Be careful with big pocket pairs like KK or AA. An over-pair in Omaha is not nearly as good as in Texas Hold’em.
  • Avoid playing small pocket pairs 66 or below. Small sets are killer in limit Omaha. Even if you flop the best hand, you are still vulnerable to straights and flushes. Even if you fill up with bottom set you can lose to a bigger full house.

Post-flop Tips in Limit Omaha Hi:

  • Only continue past the flop if you flop a big hand or a big draw. Taking a card off with middle or bottom pair is usually a recipe for trouble.
  • Be extremely careful with the non-nut flush draw. If the pot is contested multi-way, the only flush draw worth playing is the ace high flush draw. A king high flush is usually a second best hand held by suckers. Don’t be one of them.
  • Don’t continue with a straight or flush draw if the board is paired. If your opponent does have a full house already, they still have 10 cards to make a full house or 4 of a kind.
  • If you flop open trips and also have a pocket pair in your hand you are a big underdog to fill up. If you have A 7 10 10 in your hand and the flop is 7 7 6, you are a big underdog to flush and straight draws or another opponent with a seven. You now only have 6 outs to make a full house or better. Be cautious!

Playing the River in Limit Omaha Hi

Many hands that you have been betting with the entire way are no longer the nuts and have to be folded. If you flop a set and the river card makes both a straight and flush possible, you will be beat 99% of the time if you up against multiple opponents. Bet if you have the nuts and usually check fold if you don’t.

Bluffing is usually worthless in Omaha but one bluff that might work is betting with a busted wrap straight draw. If the board is 7 4 2 Q and you have been betting on the flop and turn with 3 5 6 8 which is a big wrap straight draw. Consider betting the river if one of the flop cards pairs and you are only up against a few opponents. Your opponents may have missed a straight or flush draw as well and one more bet on the river can pick up the pot.

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