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StoxPoker Founder Steps Down Amid Allegations

by Poker Team

Online poker coaching company StoxPoker has been rocked by a second highly damaging controversy in less than two months as news of founding member Nick “Stoxtrader” Grudzien leaving the company amidst a firestorm of allegations and anger over on the forum.

It was a mere 6 weeks ago that coach Jason Ho was forced out after it was learned that he fabricated his online poker resume and bilked unsuspecting players and clients out of thousands of dollars. This time, the founding member Grudzien is accused of a variety of infractions on multiple online poker sites.

The trouble all began when high stakes pro David “Viffer” Peat created a thread on twoplustwo where he basically outed Grudzien for cheating via multi-accounting. Viffer claimed that Stoxtrader and 40putts were both in fact Grudzien. Before long, the thread had mushroomed with many other high stakes pros getting their two cents in. Other stated that those two screennames listed had purposely shortstacked games and colluded with other players.

Finally, two days after the post circulated, Grudzien replied that he never multi accounted…..

“for the purpose of deceiving others into giving them action, evading taxes, collusion, entering multiple times into the same tournament, ghosting, to obscure previous results and stats, to clear extra bonuses, to circumvent affiliate CPA or rakeback rules, to bypass the poker sites’ shortstack buy-in time limitation, to team play, to share action with others at the same table, to chip dump, or otherwise engage in underhanded actions I do not know about.”

As innocent as he claims to have been, soon thereafter, he announced he was resigning from his StoxPoker post, explaining that he had put the company in a difficult position as a result of the uproar. He made an explanation as to why he was multi-accounting stating that it was done to produce training videos using one name, while playing for personal use with another. He steadfastly denies any of the collusion allegation.

However, this situation is the latest black eye on the poker coaching landscape, and severely tarnishes StoxPoker’s name as they continue to lose instructors and marketshare.

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