StolenBankrolls shows Lost Money on FTP and CEREUS

by Jeremy Olson on July 20, 2011

A new website called is in the process of collecting data on how much money people currently have locked up on major poker sites and payment processors.

The specific companies that StolenBankroll is targeting includes the CEREUS network and Full Tilt Poker, plus the payment processors known as UseMyWallet, QuickTender and EwalletXpress.

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Players can submit a few details about themselves, and how much money they have frozen on the aforementioned websites. Here is a look at the current results of the polls:<

Full Tilt Poker: $15,332,293

UseMyWallet/QuickTender: $250,565

EwalletXpress: $8,500

Cereus Network: $423,531

Now some people might wonder about the validity of StolenBankrolls, and what the legitimacy is of a place where anybody can submit details. Going further, it’s also worth pondering whether or not entering information about oneself at StolenBankrolls is safe. Fortunately, this site doesn’t appear to be anything more than an attempt to gather information, and hopefully get online poker regulated.

Here is some text from the front page of StolenBankrolls:

The purpose of this site is to get a better idea of how much poker money is locked up from government seizures as well as poker sites and e-wallets that have gone out of business.
Our goal is to use the data we gather to build more awareness about the current plight poker players face in an unregulated market. Through compiling this data, we hope to keep you updated about any news related to your stolen bankroll in addition to building media coverage and convince the people in power that the current status quo is bad for the players, the companies, and the government.

WHAT WE WANT: Basic information that tells us about you and where your bankroll was stolen.

WHAT WE DO NOT WANT: Any sensitive personal information such as bank numbers, phone numbers, or any information you feel might compromise your security.