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Speculation Abounds Regarding Jamie Gold’s Bankroll

by Poker Team

Back in 2006, Jamie Gold shocked the poker world by taking on and defeating all comers as he steamrolled a field of 8,773 players to capture the World Series of Poker’s Main Event. His victory earned him a cool $12 million and he gained notoriety by competing on poker shows such as High Stakes Poker. It was during these high profile games that led many observers to speculate that his championship was a result of a tremendous run of cards and not so much do to a superior skill level.

The debate has been re-energized as he has been confirmed to have been playing $2-$5 no limit hold em and $5-$10 no limit at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Supporters of Gold believe that he is playing in these smaller games merely to work on his game and for pure enjoyment. His detractors however believe that his reckless nature has caused him to come close to squandering his entire bankroll. It has prompted members of the forum to launch a poll aimed at trying to determine the answer.

Is Jamie Gold Broke?

The debate is almost split down the middle with 54% believing he is broke while 46% think he is just fine. Prior to winning the main event, Gold was a regular player at Los Angeles’ Commerce Casino where he was allegedly a frequent borrower of money. In fact, during preliminary events in 2006, Gold was in such dire straits, that he was looking to just get staked to play in the tournament. However, it is possible that Gold realizes that he is not an elite player and would rather play within his own comfort zone. After all, there is plenty of footage of him losing bundles of cash to top pros such as Daniel Negreanu and Doyle Brunson.

Whichever side you believe, it is difficult to argue with the fact that most people who have won so much money rarely play in games so small. Could he really be close to being broke? Only time will tell.

  • jason vorheese

    The meere fact that a random “no name” blogger is randomy posting stuff about jamie gold being broke is just a testiment to how well jamie has made his t.v. image. Just like Phil hellmuth everyone thinks he’s broke and sucks at cash games but I guarantee u that none of you “chumps” would even be able to buy into one of his games, much less beat him.

  • Jamie Gold

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