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SpadeClub Poker Site Demise Quite the Surprise

by Omar

“So long Chillshot,” is the barely audible sound that can be heard through choked back tears all over the online poker world as news spread yesterday that SpadeClub is officially no more.

The online poker site, which was owned and operated by leading poker publication, Cardplayer Magazine, was a site which charged players a subscription fee to play there. For $20 a month, SpadeClub customers were allowed to take part in the site’s tournaments and “cash game” tables. The site got a big publicity boost during the 2009 World Series of Poker when Cardplayer bigwig/poker pro donned SpadeClub apparel throughout his final table run.  It was a move that many believed was the site’s best opportunity to gain market share and perhaps even spark a run of the subscription based online poker business model.  Obviously it us not to be as less than 24 months later the site is no more.

One of the poker site’s longest lasting claims to fame is a humorous forum post centering around two-time SpadeClub player of the year,  Kevin “Chillshot” Williams. The post was created following Cardplayer Magazine’s posting of the interview with the player who’s comments were viewed by just about everyone who came across the piece as one of the most unintentionally funny interviews ever seen by the poker community.  Though first posted almost 2 years ago, the thread remains one of the most viewed and commented on with many posters returning from time to time to once again as the title says “lol”.  Not even the viral interview could save SpadeClub from it’s eventual plight.

In a statement, Shulman is quick to point out that CardPlayer is not turning it’s backs on their loyal customers. He said,

“Going forward, all SpadeClub members are being offered a chance to participate in the transition to the ZEN Entertainment Network. ZEN’s VIP program will honor all time already purchased by SpadeClub members. Basic members can continue to play for free as well.” 

For those unfamiliar with the name, Zen Entertainment Network is a Las Vegas based poker network which awards over $100K in prizes per month.  It is not believed that CardPlayer has any affiliation with Zen although you never know what could be revealed in the future.

Observers speculate that SpadeClub actually had more than 200,000 customers and early indications are that current players are furious at the closing that came without any warning. This is a situation that merits some more following.

For those 200,000+ customers of SpadeClub, they now have a community site so many of them could stay together. That site is:

For conspiracy theorists out there, the aforementioned CardPlayer interview with  Kevin “Chillshot” Williams is no longer easily found using Google search…

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  • david webb

    Thank you for this great story. The homeless players of Spadeclub rushed to put together a community site so many of them could stay together. We quoted you on the front page of the website,

    Great writing Omar and Thanks. Hope you will continue to follow the story as it plays itself out.

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