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Sorel Mizzi explains his Past, forgives Himself

by Jeremy

Sorel Mizzi has had a very successful poker career which includes $4,661,968 in live tournament winnings along with millions more in online tourneys. But despite all of his success, Mizzi is best known by the general poker community as a cheater.

The main evidence of Mizzi’s cheating occurred when he was caught buying an online poker account from somebody near the end of a major Full Tilt tournament. He went on to win the tournament, but not without Full Tilt finding out about the account sale. Mizzi’s winnings were confiscated and he was subsequently banned from the site.

Of course, there have been other incidents such as when the Toronto native was banned by PokerStars for a few months. He let his friend take over during a tournament because he had to catch a flight to Barcelona; this obviously falls under the multi-accounting category, which is illegal at any site.

Getting to the overall point, Mizzi recently blogged about his perceived reputation as a cheater and claims that he’s moved on from these early incidents. One excerpt from his post read as follows:

A couple months after I was cheated out of my entire net worth in a hotel poker game; I made another poor decision. I purchased the equity of a friend deep in a tournament and took over the decision making process. I won the tournament but shortly thereafter neither my friend, nor I, were able to login to our accounts.

After an investigation, Full Tilt Poker concluded the appropriate punishment for our misconduct was to ban us from playing on the site and confiscate the winnings. What happened subsequently, was the harshest punishment of all: The relentless torment and ostracism by a community that I was once loved by. It was a tremendous blow to an ego that I was very much attached to and caused me to experience fluctuating emotions of sadness, depression, anger and resentment.

Mizzi goes on to explain how it took him a long time to get over the poor reputation he’s built up for himself within the poker world. However, he’s now been able to “forgive himself” for cheating others and understands why he did so based on his past.

Others might not be so forgiving about the cheating, but at least he’s stayed out of any negative light lately. And perhaps Mizzi really has turned a corner these last few years and will avoid any sort of future scandals.

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