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Snowman is Prohibited from Entering Casino – Promptly Sues

by Poker Team

Frosty the Snowman today has announced that he plans on filing a federal lawsuit against several prominent casinos. While refusing to name them before his suit is made public, he did make the following statement:

“I’m highly offended that prime establishments such as these Four and Five Star Casinos would refuse entrance by a celebrity such as myself. I was only looking for a good poker game and in several cases, was simply ‘following the money’ trail of fish like Guy Laliberte to specific locations. To be refused at the door because of my delicate constitution (ice) is extremely prejudice. Something has to be done to prevent this from happening to other snowmen and women like myself”.

We were able to track down a representative from at least one casino to be named in the suit. A person close to the case speaking on the condition of anonymity simply stated, “Look, the dude would friggin melt in like 20 minutes after coming inside. What else were supposed to do? He melts then some old lady slips and breaks her hip on the water, we still get sued. Guess we’ll have to take our chances.”

We’re following this story very closely so stay tuned for updates as they occur.

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