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Full Tilt Sit & Go Madness

by Poker Team

Full Tilt Poker Sit n Go MadnessFull Tilt Poker is returning its popular Sit and Go Madness promotion tomorrow, August 1st, 2008. The promotion entitled “SNG Madness Part IV” or “Return of The Madness”, rewards regular sit ‘n go players at Full Tilt for simply playing their favorite Sit and Go’s for the next 2 days. There is a total of $75,000 up for grabs over the two day period which starts at 16:00 EST on August 1st until 16:00 EST on Sunday August 3rd.

How the Sit N Go Madness Works

The Sit & Go’s are divided into 4 groups based on the buy-in level for each group:

Group A: $1 - $2 Sit and Go’s

Group B: $5 - $11

Group C: $20 - $33

Group D: $50 - $110

There are 24 hours for the entire promotion. The Sit ‘n Go Madness will be divided into 2 hours blocks starting at 16:00 on Friday. The top 7 from each Group (above) will be paid at the conclusion of every 2 hour block. First prize ranges from $20 for Group A, to $500 for Group D.

Leaderboards for the Full Tilt Sit & Go Madness

Each group will have its own leaderboard for the entire 24 hour period. This overall leaderboard is determined by the best performance in one of the two hour time periods. The top 2 players from each group will meet for a $5K sit and go freeroll where the top 3 finish in the money. That freeroll will take place on August 9th (next Saturday) at 16:30 EST.

Strategy for the Madness

Since players are shooting for the best overall performance in the two hour blocks, even if you score say 200 in one of the blocks, you can still try for a higher score. There is no carryover or cumulative total if you participate in multiple 2 hour blocks. For example, if you play the 16:00 to 18:00 block of Sit and Go’s and score 200, and then compete in the 20:00 to 22:00 block of Sit & Go’s and score 100, only your best score would be presented (200).

Raffle Prizes

Even if you are not able to place in the top of the leaderboards, you are still eligible to win Full Tilt gear and future Full Tilt tournaments for each Sit & Go that you win. You will earn one raffle ticket for each Sit and Go that you win.

Sit & Go players, sign up for Full Tilt Poker now and start competing in the Full Tilt Sit n Go Madness!

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