Shocking IRS Take from 2015 WSOP Main Event Final Table

by Jeremy Olson on November 16, 2015

Think that Joe McKeehen was the biggest winner at the 2015 WSOP Main Event final table this year? Well, it would make sense because McKeehen finished first place and collected a $7.68 million payout. However, the true winner at this year’s WSOP appears to be the IRS.

Out of the $24,806,976 that was up for grabs among the 2015 November Nine, the IRS will be collecting $8,467,091 of this amount (34%). They aren’t the only big tax winners from the Main Event final table, because the following countries/state governments will also be getting a large cut:

- Agenzia delle Entrate (Italy): $525,490
- Franchise Tax Board: $425,550
- Israel Tax Authority: $326,679
- New Jersey Division of Taxation: $493,422
- New York Dept of Taxation & Finance: $102,605
- North Wales Boro: $76,833
- Pennsylvania Department of Revenue: $235,879

When you add up the final tally, $10,080,122 will be going to governments around the world.

Of course, as Taxable Talk points out, some of the Main Event final table participants fared better than others in terms of taxed winnings. For example, Belgium’s Pierre Neuville finished seventh place and earned $1,203,293. But since Belgium doesn’t tax gambling winnings, he actually gets to keep the entire paycheck, meaning, after taxes, he finishes fifth place based on money alone.

As for the champion, McKeehen, his check might read $7,683,346, but he’ll actually be taking home $4,297,394. The nearly $3.4 million drop here shows just how brutal WSOP finalists get hit when taxes are taken into consideration. For more on this matter, check out Taxable Talk’s analysis of the November Nine payouts.