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Shannon Elizabeth Accused of Overcharging Home Poker Players

by Poker Team‘s poker forums was the site of a thread brimming with controversy surrounding a home poker game allegedly run by actress turned aspiring poker player Shannon Elizabeth.

It all started as the result of a blog post done over the weekend by celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton. Apparently, a source had participated in a home game at Elizabeth’s California home. The source made it seem as though the actress was acting as nothing more than a casino pit boss, ignoring her guests and only coming into the room when it was time to collect for time played or a rake. The blog post went on to accuse Elizabeth of essentially overcharging patrons. One of the more embarrassing examples was a $70 fee for the house from a $250 pot.

Of course there are two sides to every story. It appears that Hilton’s source both contradicted their assertion that Elizabeth did not play in the game while also showing they had an axe to grind with her when try said via email

“The few times I have played with her, she’s thrown childish hissy fits and stormed off, throwing cards and chips. She’s mean, immature, disrespectful, and just an all-around shallow greedy has-been.”

Also it should be noted that if one were to review Elizabeth’s Tweets during the time in question it would show that she was in fact, in Las Vegas, playing in WSOP events.

As with any story, the truth likely falls somewhere in the middle, though if proven true, could potentially land the actress in hot water as in many parts of the country it is illegal to profit from operating a gambling enterprise.

At present time, a lengthy post on twoplustwo on the subject was removed though it should be noted that poster has overwhelmingly been siding with Elizabeth.

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