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Sex, drugs and rock and roll for Guy Laliberte

by Poker Team

A few days ago we queried the whereabouts of Guy Laliberte, following his disappearance from the high stakes arena. Guy’s poker escapades include a WPT final table appearance, and participation in High Stakes Poker Season 4, where his solid, methodical approach pocketed a decent amount for the ‘Guy Foundation’. Online, however, Guy’s suffered punishing losses under several aliases, to the likes of Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen and Patrik Antonius.

According to an ‘unofficial’ biography, Guy’s exploits off the green felt have stretched beyond running the lucrative Cirque du Soleil (which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year) and philanthropy – he has reportedly engaged in drug-fueled sex romps.

Guy’s extravagant parties, where guests are entertained buy Cirque performers and exposed to the finest cuisine, have, ‘drugs, the best music spun by famous DJs flown in from Europe and the USA, and the wildest sex you could ever imagine’ readily available, according to Myra Jones, a Milan-based fashion model. The biography, of which its title has been disclosed as Laliberte processes legal action against the claims made, documents several prostitutes and A-list celebrities such as Robert De Niro attending the opulent bashes outside Montreal.

In an act of rage, semi-professional and Vegas local Thang Luu was escorted out of the Rio casino last night, as he broke a dealer’s hand. The exact details of the incident are unknown, but it is believed Luu was jailed for the night, and the dealer taken to hospital with a fractured finger. Luu’s career triumphs include a $ 1,500 Omaha Hi/Lo victory at this year’s WSOP, but he’ll be hard-pressed to follow up that success, with a lifetime ban expected. The issue of dealer respect has become quite prominent over the past few years. Dave ‘The Devilfish’ Ulliot recently launched a verbal tirade at a dealer in the Party Poker Open hearts, whilst lamenting a bad beat, where as Scotty Nyugen had to be reprimanded by the floor personnel several times in last year’s H.O.R.S.E event. Poker rage also boiled over at this year’s $50k H.O.R.S.E, with Freddy Deeb throwing curses towards the obnoxious ‘Tony G’, who had been criticizing the stocky Lebanese player’s playing style all day.

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