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Seebok and Madsen Lose Crazy Prop Bet and Get Face Tattoos

by Poker Team

We see lots of interesting prop bets every year, but few are as interesting as the one that recently took place at the L.A. Poker Classic. The prop bet involved well-noted poker pros Joe Seebok, Gavin Smith, and Jeff Madsen. And the stakes were high since the first player to be eliminated from the Main Event had to get tattoos of the other two players’ faces on their body.

Joe Seebok ended up being that player since he busted out in the third level while holding pocket aces. Seebok was interviewed after busting out of the WPT tournament and said,

“It is so stupid. I am so embarrassed to even admit it. I feel like one of the scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project and now I’ve done something so awful that it’s going to torment the world for so long.”

Seebok isn’t the only one who might be getting a tattoo though since part of the bet was that the second player out would have to tattoo the remaining player’s face on his body. Jeff Madsen was the second player of the trio to go, and he busted out before Day 1 ended. Smith is the only player left heading into Day 2, but he also has the smallest stack of any player.

At first, rumors were flying around that both Seebok and Madsen would be able to buy out of the bet. However, their Twitter posts suggest otherwise. Seebok’s post read,

“btw all, the ONLY thing worse than losing this bet and getting these fool’s ugly faces on my body is PAYING them to not do it. Hell no.”

Madsen also appears to reject the idea of buying out of the bet by twittering…

“It’s ok, I will happily memorialize Gavin forever… Any suggestions on the theme of the tat?”

The buy out was rumored to be anywhere between $15,000 and $20,000. But the buy out means little now since it appears that both Seebok and Madsen are going to get the tattoos.

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