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Sebok Will No Longer Try to Uncover Truth

by Omar

On the one-year anniversary of his at-tomes controversial sponsorship with oft-embattled online poker site, professional poker pro, Joe Sebok has decided to recuse himself from further investigation of the worst-known online poker cheating scandal ever. When the announcement of his signing broke in late summer 2009, Sebok came under quite a bit of scrutiny from the online poker community, many of whom were quite vocal of their displeasure of his decision to partner with the site that also boasts 11-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke as sponsored pros. Perhaps in a well-measured attempt by the media-savvy Sebok to quell the naysayer’s, Sebok immediately informed all of his intention to gather as much information including the names of the conspirators of the superuser cheating ring.

On his, Sebok officially announced that he would no longer be spear-heading any future intelligence seeking efforts unless new details surfaced. In his post, he said:

“Roughly one year ago, I signed with UB and pledged to put in as much effort as was possible to do three things: 1) Get the account names involved in the super-user scandal released; 2) Get all the hand histories out to those who requested them during the cheating scandal; and 3) Attempt to get out the physical names of the actual cheaters, and those who helped them cheat, released to the public… We were able to accomplish #1 fairly quickly…”

It was the next two items on his laundry list that proved to be more difficult. In identifying conspirator’s usernames, Sebok enlisted the help of forum poster Mookman who had worked extensively for years trying to unravel the web of deceit, and between them they discovered 117 usernames belonging to 23 accounts. However, the actual names of the perpetrators was never fully satisfied as that portion was tangled up in complicated legalities, though the main conspirator was identified as Russ Hamilton, a former WSOP Main Event Champion. He also confirmed that other pros affiliated with the site such as Layne Flack and Antonio Esfandiari had no involvement whatsoever. Additionally, Sebok ran into roadblocks in his attempts to locate the hand histories in question due to a variety of technical problems that stood in his way.

So it seems that this closes the current chapter in the scandal and for Sebok, he can now move on and make better use of his time. However, this case doesn’t seem like it will ever fully be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

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