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Drunk Scotty Nguyen talks WSOP Main Event

by Jeremy

After having a strong year in 2009, Scotty Nguyen has sort of dropped off of the poker radar over the past couple of years. Sure he’s had a few tournament cashes here and there, but he’s best been known for his excessive drinking lately. And good evidence of this drinking problem surfaced during the 2011 WSOP Main Event final table when did an interview with him.

The interviewer wanted to get some thoughts from Scotty on who he thought would win the 2011 WSOP Main Event. Nguyen said that he thought the “German” would win because he apparently didn’t know who Pius Heinz was until being told at the end of the interview.

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There was also some poker strategy talk mixed in here that involved Nguyen discussing how people could win the Main Event; Scotty is somewhat of an expert on this since he won in 1998. Anyways, Nguyen gave some solid advice by saying, “The main thing is…you gotta be totally relaxed. Don’t worry about the big blind come because - most players - they worry about the big blind come…because right now…the big blind is 1.2 (million).”

In essence, what Scotty Nguyen said made sense because he was trying to relay the importance of not letting blinds force you into playing poor hands. However, it definitely took some interpreting and deciphering to figure what the 49-year-old was saying since it appeared that he was drunk on Coors Light (if this is possible).

Of course, it’s also pretty funny to see Nguyen stumble through his words, and say numerous silly things in the process. You can take a look at the PokerStrategy video below:



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