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Scandal Rocking Ultimate Bet

by Poker Team

Another scandal is rocking the online poker world as Ultimate Bet has been accused of impropriety again, this time in a hand involving its most highly visible poker pro, Phil Hellmuth.

Hellmuth and Doubleballer

A poster to the forums discussed a hand which occurred between Hellmuth and a player named Doubleballer during a heads up limit hold’em $200/$400 matchup over the weekend. At the beginning of the hand, Hellmuth had $4,495 and Doubleballer had $7,495. After the players capped the pre-flop betting round, the flop brought Js Kc Kh. The turn was the 2 of hearts and the river was the 9 of clubs. After all of the betting was done, the pot had swelled to $5,599. On the river, Doubleballer showed down his Kd-Qh for 3 Kings while Hellmuth’s hand was mucked. However, the pot was shipped over to Hellmuth and Doubleballer was knocked out of the game momentarily due to an internet issue.

After reconnecting, the two players discussed the hand and Hellmuth told his opponent that he won the pot with the three kings. However, when play resumed, Hellmuth had $7,294 in chips and Doubleballer had $4,694 in chips proving that the chips were shipped to the Poker Brat despite his losing the hand.

Doubleballer, whose twoplustwo name is DaBruce took to the message board to discuss the events and what was happening in his attempts to get the money that was rightfully his. He stated that he was on the phone with someone from UltimateBet and that she was going to discuss what happened with a supervisor and they would review the hand in question. After a few minutes she got back on the phone and profusely apologized to the player and immediately credited him with $2,300 and the balance would be refunded in a few hours.

How many times has this happened?

The account of this hand and what transpired has led to a firestorm of backlash against the site by twoplustwo posters and is the most discussed thread on the forum from the weekend. The most common question everyone seems to be asking is how many times has this happened and no one noticed. With everything that has happened in the world of online poker and Ultimate Bet in particular, it is very troubling to believe that any further wrongdoing is occurring. At press time, Ultimate Bet has not commented on the situation though we will be monitoring the events closely.

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