San Francisco Chronicle bashes Online Poker

by Jeremy Olson

The San Francisco Chronicle newspaper wrote a recent article about the Full Tilt Poker situation entitled “Online Gambling: Full Tilt Poker a game changer.” As you can imagine, this article didn’t exactly paint Full Tilt in a positive light, but they went above and beyond by bashing the online poker scene as a whole.

Their message was simple: stick to Bay area card rooms, and avoid playing at the riskier online poker rooms. One excerpt read as follows:

As appalling as this alleged fraud is (FTP taking player funds), it’s not shocking. Online gambling sites occupy a murky legal realm, attempting to skirt U.S. laws by operating overseas.

So what’s the lesson here? Simply that’s it’s cleaner to play live in a cardroom or casino. When you win, you go to the kiosk and collect your money. You won’t lose sleep wondering if you’ll be able to cash out.

There are plenty of cardrooms throughout the Bay Area where you can play poker, blackjack and other games, and the atmosphere is more convivial than hunching over a keyboard.

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What the writer, Michael Shapiro, may not realize here is that many online poker grinders play over the internet because they can get in a much larger volume of hands per hour. Furthermore, it gives players who don’t live in Las Vegas or California a chance to make with the game without taking a trip to the casino.

Moving along, Shapiro also advised sports bettors to just up and travel to Las Vegas or Reno as he wrote:

Sports betting is illegal in California, so if you want to bet on sports, don’t tempt fate online. Instead, take a weekend trip to Reno or Las Vegas and bet to your heart’s content while watching the games on the big screens.

Essentially, he’s suggesting that it’s better to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on traveling to Reno or Las Vegas, rather than depositing a few hundred dollars at an online sports betting site. You don’t have to be a mathematician to see the risk far outweighs traveling hundreds of miles in this situation.