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Sunday Million Results 7-20-08

by Poker Team

8,589 players participated in the PokerStars Sunday Million tournament yesterday with no major deals made between the final table participants. That means the first place winner walked home with much more cash than usual. This is the first time in a very long time where the players did not make a deal on the final table. The winner this week was SAM66 from Switzerland, who won $209,571.60 for his first place finish. With a break in the poker action at the WSOP, we are not seeing any slowdowns at the PokerStars Sunday Million. 1,233 players cashed in this week’s final.

Final Table at the PokerStars Sunday Million - July 20, 2008

Shantaram was the last player to qualify for the final table on 7/20/08. Here is how the final table shaped up along with the player’s chip counts:

moorten (14,903,308 in chips)
pepperdiablo (4,224,128 in chips)
my_emolument (5,392,975 in chips) out of hand (moved from another table into small blind)
Cjh1224 (1,129,360 in chips)
Axinar (4,769,157 in chips)
Shantaram (11,552,878 in chips)
rubenrtv (12,192,690 in chips)
SAM66 (23,492,228 in chips)
MrMuck1976 (8,233,276 in chips)

At the start of the final table, SAM66 had a considerable chip lead and took an even greater lead at the beginning of the final table, amassing about 30 Million chips compared to about 52 Million for the other eight players. Cjh1224 was the first eliminated as his small stack could not compete with the rest.

The biggest pot of the night was between SAM66 and MrMuck1976. MrMuck1976 had about 18 Million chips left and needed to make a move against the chip leader SAM66. The board showed Qd 5h 2h and MrMuck1976 had Ad 5c. After some raises by the aggressive SAM66, Muck called and SAM66 had KhQh for a top pair and potential flush draw. MrMuck did not catch two pair or trips and was eliminated in 3rd place with a nice prize of $95,337.90.

Final Heads up Match between SAM66 and Shantaram

The final two players left in the Sunday Million this week were SAM66 and Shantaram from France. SAM66 had a 5 to 1 chip lead entering heads-up play. The final hand looked like this:

SAM66: Ad6h

Shantaram: Ts9c

Flop: 5h 3d 3s

Turn: 6d

River: Jh

SAM66 was the winner after this hand, as Shantaram ended the Sunday Million with a 2nd place finish and $141,718.50 in prize money.

Here were the final results for the Sunday Million - 7/20/08, courtesy PokerStars blog:

1. SAM66 $209,571.60
2. Shantaram $141,718.50
3. MrMuck1976 $95,337.90
4. rubenrtv $77,301.00
5. pepperdiablo $60,123.00
6. my_emolument $42,945.00
7. moorten $30,061.50
8. Axinar $19,754.70
9. Cjh1224 $13,398.84

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