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Sam Trickett slams TwoPlusTwo, dubs them Photoshoppers

by Jeremy

TwoPlusTwo is no doubt the most popular poker forum in the world, and it’s a great place to read news and check out strategy. However, not everybody is a fan of the poker mega-site, including Sam Trickett, who recently aired his thoughts on the forum community. When asked by WPT Magazine if he ever gets on poker forums to check out what’s going on in the game, Trickett said the following:

I’ve no time for them. I’m really not interested in what twoplustwo has to say. A while back they started giving my girlfriend a lot of hassle to try and upset her, and it’s just pathetic. They’re really sad individuals who spend all day photoshopping pictures and you just think to yourself: “What the **** are you doing with your lives, sat at home in your little bedroom. Get a life!”

Obviously this is a pretty general statement, but one that reflects Trickett’s disdain for the 2p2 individuals who seem to love blasting people. Of course, some of the TwoPlusTwo crowd took offense to Sam’s statement, and a large thread has opened up on the matter. Certain posters have also come to Trickett’s defense in regard to 2p2 members flaming his girlfriend. One post from “MauiPunter” read as follows:

Lots of jealousy in this thread. I agree that the hate his gf got was pretty out of line. You can hate on Sam all you want, but to roast his gf that hard, especially with how racial it got was pretty sick. She’s hot and if you cant see that, yer probably geh.

We certainly can’t fault Trickett for getting angry when it comes to people being racist towards his girlfriend. However, it’s unlikely that the TwoPlusTwo community are pleased by the photoshoppers with no lives generalization either.

  • Derek Pasquarella

    If there is one thing someone posting on twoplustwo should never do is attack twoplustwo, it only makes it worse!

  • Karen Banks

    Racial remarks are totally out of line and just make the posters look like idiots, but this is Natasha Sandhu we are talking about. This woman is one of the rudest, mouthiest, shallowest, most obnoxious people I have ever heard of. Why is it people who think nothing of saying whatever they please to and about other people start crying foul when they get their own back. Natasha goes out of her way to beg for attention constantly and she is well known for mouthing off to and about other people (I was going to say for speaking her mind, but I think she would have to have one to speak it), so it is a bit out of line for her and her boyfriend to act like they are somehow being picked on by the “haters” when , lets face it, they are the haters.

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