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Sam Trickett says Poker Pro stole his Money

by Jeremy

Staking is quite common in the poker world since it helps players reduce variance on buy-ins, and it can turn into a good investment opportunity for backers. One very successful poker staking story happened when Pius Heinz won the 2011 WSOP and earned his backers around $2.6 million as a result.

Unfortunately, staking can go horribly awry too as Sam Trickett recently found out the hard way. The British high stakes poker phenom tweeted about his recent troubles in the matter by typing, “I had money stolen from me by a well known poker pro,that i thought was my friend! If he dont call me soon,Igoing to expose him 4 what he is.”

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Okay, so the grammar isn’t the best on this tweet, but you can get the general idea that somebody borrowed money from him and didn’t pay it back. So now the big question remains….who stole his money?

The only speculation sources we have at this point involves a TwoPlusTwo thread, where people are claiming that either Luke Schwartz or Andrew Feldman is the irresponsible party here. However, Schwartz was quick to clear his name by posting the following at 2p2 under the moniker “usa rocks hard”:

JUTS TO CLEAR THIS UP QUICKLY LOL i didnt scam sam obivously me and him are good friuends it was someone else im sure it will come out soon enough

So if silence is guilt - and considering that we have no more people to blame at this point - maybe it’s Feldman who Trickett is talking about. But with nothing confirmed at this point, we’ll just have to wait and see how the story plays out.

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