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S. 3616 Internet Skill Games Licensing and Control Act of 2008

by Poker Team

What is the Internet Skill Games Control Act?

Online poker has a brand new friend. A new ally has popped up in the battle to legalize and exempt online poker from the UIGEA. The bill was proposed by US Senator Robert Menendez (a Democrat) and has been named the “Internet Skill Games Licensing and Control Act of 2008”. The focus of the bill is carve out an exemption for poker, bridge, and mahjong, calling them games of skill and not luck. The bill seeks to regulate online poker and not to ban the game altogether.

The bill seeks to shed light on something that poker players have known for years – poker is a game of skill. Sure there’s a little luck but that makes the game no different from football, baseball, or golf. The difference is that the majority of the outcomes are determined by skill and in the case of poker that aligns well with the aforementioned sporting games.

Editor’s note: We’ve known that poker is a game of skill for quite some time. Hence the name of our site, :)

With the new Presidential election coming up and at least two new faces in Washington, DC come next year, many hope that the tide will soon turn for online poker players. The Poker Players Alliance has thrown their full support behind the Senator and this bill and hope to push it further along once the historical $700 billion dollar bailout bill is passed.

Complete language of the S. 3616 Bill can be found here.

Key points to the Internet Skill Games Licensing and Control Act:

  • Thorough vetting of potential licensees
  • Mandatory implementation of technologies to protect against underage gambling and to monitor and detect individuals with excessive gaming habits
  • High standards to thwart fraud and abuse of customers
  • Regulation to prevent money laundering
  • Processes to prevent tax avoidance.

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