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Russ Hamilton Blows Up in Florida

by Omar

In what has to be one of the most newsworthy happenings in recent time, a forum thread popped up this morning, in which the author claims that he and his buddy had a confrontation with the one person who is arguably the most hated man in online poker, Russ Hamilton.

For those who somehow still don’t know, Russ Hamilton was at the top portion of the pyramid that was the Ultimate Bet superuser cheating scandal. Basically, in a very elaborate operation, Hamiton allegedly was at the control’s of an account that was being told what his opponents’ hole cards were. Armed with this information, the account stiffed unsuspecting players out of millions of dollars.

Fast forward to Tuesday night at Gulfstream casino in Florida. The setting was a 5/10/20NL no buy-in cap game. The poster sat down in the 10 seat, with his best friend “Billy” taking the 8 seat. Between them was an extremely overweight man, whom after a few hands, they realized was Russ Hamilton. Once they realized they were in the midst of such a polarizing figure, they began to subtly lob barbs at the man, who at first, did not realize he was being made fun of.

According to the poster, the night finally got ugly when he bluffed Hamilton off of a pot with 8 high and his friend turned to Hamilton and said “tougher game when you cannot see your opponents’ cards”. This reportedly set Hamilton off and launched him into a tirade that can not be printed here. Let’s just say, using some choice expletives, he insulted “Billy” and said those things about him were not true.

A few moments later, the staff of the establishment informed the two friends that if they didn’t settle down they would have to leave the casino. Appalled that the casino would rather have a known cheater than law-abiding players, they packed up their chips, cashed out and went to another casino 10 miles away.

Later on in the post, another poster contributed a photo of Hamilton playing that night in said casino, adding validity to their story.

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