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Russ Hamilton gets Banner Re-Hung at 2012 WSOP

by Jeremy

Russ Hamilton will forever be disgraced within the poker community due to his role in the superuser scandal at UB Poker. The UB superuser scandal involved Hamilton (and others) using accounts that enabled them to see opponents’ hole cards. When everything was said and done, he’d served a part in ripping players off of over $20 million.

But as disgraceful as this is, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that Russ Hamilton is also a WSOP Main Event champion. In 1994, he collected $1 million and etched his name into poker lore after winning the Main Event title. Interestingly enough, WSOP officials have chosen to honor this achievement by re-hanging Hamilton’s banner for the 2012 WSOP festivities.

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Considering what we discussed at the outset, it’s no surprise that plenty of people are angry over the decision. In fact, a large thread has opened up at TwoPlusTwo, where players are outraged over any recognition at all for the known online poker cheater. A couple of early posts from the thread read as follows:

How the hell does this banner get re-hung?
Why would the WSOP insult it’s customers by hanging the banners of those who have stolen their money?

Disgusting, Ferguson and Hamilton’s banners should be burned for bringing the game into disrepute

Hmmm, was Ferguson’s picture/banner/whatever taken down? I mean, it’s impossible to change the fact Russ/Chris won the WSOP main event but that doesn’t mean they have to honor them.

The last post makes a good point about how Hamilton winning a WSOP ME title can’t be changed. Even still, the fact that he cheated prominent players out of their bankrolls can’t be overlooked either. So people are perfectly justified in being angry over the inclusion of Hamilton’s banner.

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