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Rush Poker Now at Full Tilt Poker

by Poker Team

Poker players love action. As a general rule, the more action the better and anything that can increase the speed and flow of online play is welcomed with great enthusiasm. For these reasons, customers at Full Tilt Poker are quite excited at the announcement of its new faster game, Rush Poker.

How to Play Rush Poker

This new game is unlike anything ever seen online, so innovative in fact, that Full Tilt is looking to have the new game patent protected. The way it works is rather straightforward. At any online table, players are given the ability to use action buttons for calling, folding, raising and checking. A Rush Poker table is different in the sense that players now have the added option of clicking a “Quick Fold” button. If a player is dealt a hand they have no interest in playing, they can click on this button without needing to wait for the action to come to them. When pressed, the player is instantly moved to another table with all new players and a new hand begins.

Pros and Cons of Rush Poker

With Rush Poker, this now means that players will see more hands during a given session than ever before. On the flip side, with all of the constant shifting; table position, opponents, etc., grinders can not particularly get to know their opponents as they are essentially playing a series of new games. This means that this is great for the action junkie, but perhaps not so ideal for online grinders. The increased number of hands however, meant that players did not have to multi-table in order to get a given number of hands in.

Conclusion on Rush Poker at Full Tilt

Early returns indicate that pot sizes are essentially the same as on other Non-“Rush” tables although the players seeing the flop percentages are slightly lower than normal. It is still early on however and these new tables are currently accounting for just 10% of Full Tilt’s total number of open tables. At the moment, it is only available for cash game play, and not tournaments though it would seem to be just a matter of time.

Play Rush Poker at Full tilt Poker

  • David

    Rush Poker tournaments would be a problem because everyone would be time banking and to make it fair, it would have to be hand for hand action which you will be waiting for everyone else to finish their hand.

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