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Rumors Circulate on Duke and Hellmuth’s Future

by Poker Team

Ever since 60 minutes aired, the questions of the validity and fairness among online poker sites has been running rampant. This week, the question making the rounds on the forums has been what would happen with two of the most highly visible Ultimate Bet pros should the site continue to flounder. The players in the middle of the speculation are Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth, two of the top poker players in the world. Though Ultimate Bet ownership has seemingly hedged their bets by joining forces with Absolute Poker, the possibility of their business model failing remains a real possibility.

The questions most commonly asked about the two players are which site they will join and who their sponsors would be.

Some posters believe that Duke would quickly be snagged up by Full Tilt Poker as her own brother, Howard Lederer is a prominent member of their board. In fact, most posters believe this is just about a foregone conclusion. Where Hellmuth would go is another matter altogether. Some members think that Hellmuth’s possible free agent status and his poker celebrity would make him a much sough-after poker free agent with sites lining up to bid for his services. As one of the poker world’s most recognizable figures, Hellmuth is just about universally recognizable, making him quite attractive to any potential suitors. Of all of the poker players we’ve seen, Hellmuth craves the most attention and often goes out of his way to draw cameras to him.

There is some speculation that Hellmuth desire for headlining status would make him gravitate towards a more upstart poker site like perhaps Cake Poker. Were he to join them, he would become their biggest star, whereas if he joined PokerStars or Full Tilt, he would not be the top dog, he would just be another horse in the stable.

As of now, this is all speculation and hearsay. However, it will be interesting to see how this will play out.

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