Omaha 8 or Better Rules

Omaha-8, also known as Omaha 8 or Better High Low Split Poker, is like Omaha Hi but with a little twist. In this version the lowest possible hand splits the pot with the highest possible hand which results in a game of enormous pots. Everyone is trying to make the best low or best high hand. The 4 hole card structure also contributes to big pots because many players don’t have any trouble finding a hand they think is worth playing.

Omaha 8 or Better Rules

Omaha 8 Game Structure:

  • Blinds are posted
  • 4 pocket cards are dealt to each player
  • Pre flop betting occurs
  • The flop is dealt (3 community cards)
  • A 2nd round of betting occurs
  • The turn card is dealt (the 4th community card)
  • A 3rd round of betting occurs
  • The river card is dealt (the 5th community card)
  • A final round of betting occurs
  • Showdown occurs (hands must use 2 pocket cards and 3 community cards)
  • Players with Highest hand ranking and lowest hand ranking split the pot

Example of two players with low hands in Omaha 8 or better:

Player 1 Hole Cards:

    A 2 K Q

Player 2 Hole Cards:

    A 4 6 J


    3 4 5 9 7

Player One’s low hand is

    A 2 3 4 5

Player Two’s low hand is

    A 3 4 5 6

Both of these players have excellent low hands however, player one has the nut low with an A-5 straight.

Omaha-8 categorized flops.

Paired: When a pair flops, the best possible high hand is four-of-a-kind unless the possibility of a straight flush exists. Quads are rare but a full house is very possible.

Flush or Flush draw: Two or three suited cards on the flop.

Straight or Straight Draw: Two or three sequenced or gapped cards that allow the possibility of a straight.

High: Two or three cards on the flop are higher than 8. If three cards higher than an 8 appear than no one can achieve a low hand.

Low or low draw: Two or three cards lower than 8 appear on the flop.

    Also know that these categories can appear grouped together. If the flop were A 3 3, it would be paired, low, a flush draw, and a straight draw.

Tips for Winning Omaha 8

  • Play few hands from early position. You may muck a lot of hands, but you’ll save money.
  • Play hands that work together. Hand selection is the key skill to Omaha 8. If your 4 hole cards don’t work together to form great high and low combinations, throw away your hand and wait for a better hand.
  • Strive to Play low card hands that have the potential of making high hands too.
  • If the flop misses your hand, or doesn’t offer a strong draw in to a high or low hand, toss it.
  • If you’re on a draw to the best hand and need to decide whether to call, consider the pot odds. If the pot odds exceed the odds against making your hand than make the call.
  • Know you’ll take at least half, maybe all of the pot? Bet aggressively to get more money in there.