Omaha Hi Rules

Introduction and game structure for the High version of Omaha Holdem. Omaha Hi is played in the Pot Limit Omaha style.

Omaha Hi Poker - Rules of Omaha High

Omaha Hi is a community card game very similar to standard Texas Holdem. The difference is that In Texas Holdem players are dealt two face down hole cards, whereas in Omaha Hi game play, each player receives 4 individual pocket cards to make their best hand. In Omaha, players use any 2 pocket cards (but ONLY 2) AND any 3 of the community cards (but ONLY 3). No other combination of cards will be considered for the hand evaluation. Omaha Hi is a cousin of the more popular game Omaha 8.



A sample hand in Omaha High would look look like this:


Hole Cards

  • 8 9 K 2

Community Cards

  • K 10 7 3 6

In this case, you would have made a 10 high straight with the 8 9 in your hole cards. These are the cards you would use because the straight is your best possible hand relative to the board and two of your hole cards.

Basic Game Structure of Omaha High

  • Blinds are posted
  • 4 pocket cards are dealt to each player
  • Pre flop betting occurs
  • The flop is dealt (3 community cards)
  • A 2nd round of betting occurs
  • The turn card is dealt (the 4th community card)
  • A 3rd round of betting occurs
  • The river card is dealt (the 5th community card)
  • A final round of betting occurs
  • Showdown occurs (hands must use 2 pocket cards and 3 community cards)
  • Pot is awarded to the player who assembles the best five-card hands