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Rounders 2 Officially in the Works

by Omar

For poker fans that love movies, the time is coming that the all time flop “Lucky You” will be a distant bad memory. For whatever reason, Hollywood has had an extremely difficult time in transferring the excitement of poker onto the big screen. In fact, the only movie that captured any of the magic of the games, was the movie “Rounders” which starred Matt Damon and Ed Norton, which was released almost a decade ago.

Well poker fans, the countdown can officially begin as the studio behind the original, Miramax has issued a press release confirming that “Rounders 2” is officially on the docket, with an anticipated release date of sometime in 2012. Additionally, they are also reporting that both Damon and Norton will be reprising their roles, Mike McDermott and Lester Murphy respectively meaning that the movie will still center around the events in the original characters lives. At present time, it is not known if either John Malkovich or John Turturro will be reprising their roles as well.

Miramax and the company who owns the “Rounders” rights, The Weinstein Company, have teamed up to create several hits such as “Inglorious Basterds,” “Nine,” and “The Reader.” Their resume of quality films is without question. If they are able to harness the magic of the original, the poker community may have a good reason to step away from their laptops and head to theatres.

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