Roland de Wolfe accused of cheating Investor out of £10m

by Jeremy Olson on September 14, 2014

Roland de Wolfe, who became famous for winning poker’s Triple Crown, is being accused of helping cheat an investor out of £10 million.

Iraj Parvizi, a trader from Dubai, claims that de Wolfe and fellow poker player Josh Gould talked him into betting more money, only to split winnings after the games. Furthermore, Parvizi is suing Les Ambassadeurs casino for £10 million for failing to prevent this collusion.

This whole mess started when the London-based casino sued Parvizi for not paying back a £185,000 debt. This convinced the investor to counter sue and claim that Les Ambassadeurs not only failed to stop cheating, but their masseuses were looking at his cards and helping other players.

Of course, it’s hard to tell if there’s actually any concrete proof behind this case, or if Parvizi is just a sore loser. Les Ambassadeurs definitely claims the latter, saying that his case is just “embarrassing.” An anonymous high stakes poker player agrees as he told PokerStrategy:

No one would need to cheat to beat Iraj. We’re professionals and he’s terrible, so it’s like Brazil against San Marino in football. As a professional player, you need credit and you rely on your reputation. I’d rather lose than collude.

This entire matter sounds very similar to what Guy Laliberte claims happened to him at Full Tilt Poker. In this case, Laliberte alleges that famous poker players befriended him and encouraged more action, only to split profits later.

However, the major difference is that Parvizi actually launched a lawsuit and is strangely going after Les Ambassadeurs instead of the players. It also seems a bit far-fetched to claim that masseuses were in on the poker cheating incident.