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Rivalry Brewing Between Isildur1 and Tony G.?

by Omar

Could this be the beginning of a poker feud or rivalry? This past fall, outspoken European poker pro, Tony G., offered to stake the mysterious online poker high stakes cash game player, Isildur1, in a European version of the Big Game, taking place around the time of the World Series of Poker Europe. It was agreed in principle that Isildur1 would fly in and take part while wearing some type of mask in an effort to continue to conceal his identity. While many have speculated that Isildur1 is actually Viktor Blom, no one really knows this for sure. At the last minute, the unknown superstar backed out and those close to Tony G. said he was unhappy with the decision.

Fast forward about 3 months and Isildur1 is now on his new turf, as a newly minted sponsored pro at PokerStars. They even gave him a shiny new promotion to welcome him called the Superstar Challenge. His first opponent was Isaac Haxton who chipped away at the over-aggressive Swede until finally tilting him en route to a big victory. Next in line for him was none other than Tony G. who seemed to be chomping at the bit to take a shot at Isildur1.

So they sat at four tables of $50/$100 for 2,500 hands and when it was all over, Tony G. was left wondering what went wrong as he was sunk for $44,000. On his PokerStars blog, Tony G. said,

“He was better than me. He is also younger than me. Much younger. He is a real talent, and I am just heart and hope.”

Though the words are subdued for the normally brash player whose real name is Tony Guoga, he also didn’t disappoint by immediately making a new challenge to his adversary. He has challenged the wunderkind to a match on his own home site of PartyPoker with an extra $50,000 going to the winner of the match. It would seem that this would be the first crossover matchup between rival poker sites and the real winners would ultimately be the fans.

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