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Resolution of Moneymaker Non-Payment

by Poker Team

As reported earlier this week, an online poker player named Nathan posted on’s forums detailing the events surrounding a bounty he had not received from Moneymaker gaming. The standoff between himself and Chris Moneymaker’s branding company had been ongoing for more than a year. He posted to alert the poker community as to what was happening and to seek out advice on what he should do. As it turns out, his strategy of reaching out to other poker players appears to have worked out as the matter was resolved within 4 days of his first posting.

Though the steps happened offline, Nathan provided updates as they became available to the forum. An unnamed twoplustwo member, after reading about what was going on seemed to have a direct line of communication to Moneymaker himself and reached out to the former world champion.

Upon notification on Monday, Moneymaker reached out to Nathan and informed him that the status of his check in the amount of $4,500 was being looked into. Apparently, back in September, a check was in fact issued on behalf of Moneymaker gaming for Nathan had been issued and mailed but for unknown reasons, was not received. A stop payment was made on the original check and a new one was issued. In his communication with Nathan, Moneymaker stated that one of his staffers had been in charge of handling the situation and was doing all he could to rectify the situation for some time. Though Nathan was not in agreement with Moneymaker’s assessment of the situation, he agreed to sit and wait for a new check.

Then on Wednesday, Nathan was greeted at his front door with a Federal Express courier who handed him an envelope which contained the check for $4,500. Though the payout was a far cry from the original prize he thought he had one, he was greatly relieved that the issue was now resolved.

As a postscript made on the forum, Nathan wrote:

“…and I have the following conclusory thoughts:

1. 2+2 is an incredibly potent communication medium. I made my original post on Saturday night, asking for help contacting CM. Within 7 hours, a 2+2 reader had contacted CM, who responded immediately with a promise to look into the problem. On Monday I heard from the other award winner who was in similar straits and we compared notes. Early Tuesday morning CM summarized what he had learned. Wednesday morning I had a check in my hands. Wow.

2. 2+2 readers are not merely popcorn munchers. Although some readers were definitely relishing the drama, many contributed in a productive way to resolution. It was a reader who told CM to check in on the thread, and it was a reader who verified dunlap’s identity. Readers weighed in on my bonifides, made useful suggestions for backup plans, conducted background research, and scrutinized both my posts and CM’s in a way that provided us useful feedback.

3. CM made things happen. I definitely wasn’t crazy about his full response to me, and I told him so backchannel before he posted it here. But look at the scoreboard: I posted on a Saturday night during Thanksgiving weekend while he’s on the road; I deposited a check Wednesday afternoon. I fully understand that he had self-interest in ending this ASAP, but that’s still damn good performance. (Also, FTR, his other communications to me were gentler and very professional.)

One final thing — I also appreciate the individual expressions of support, both in thread and via PM. At first I tried to keep up with them all by sending thank you notes but as the thread views went over 20,000 or so I became utterly swamped. The poker community stepped up for me in a big way, and I will do my best to pay it forward.”

Though Nathan’s plight must have been quite frustrating, the player is pleased with the outcome and the outpouring of support and assistance he received from twoplustwo readers.

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