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Randy “Nanonoko” Lew Record Attempt sparks Debate

by Jeremy

Earlier today, Randy “Nanonoko” Lew attempted to beat the Guinness World Record for most online poker hands played in an eight-hour span. The record was meant as a PR-booster for PokerStars, and a way for Lew to put his multi-tabling skills to the test. However, it turned into quite a debate at TwoPlusTwo after the poker pro beat the record. But before we get into all of this, it’s worth discussing the record attempt first.

The rules were that Lew could play stakes of $1/$2 or lower, he could play more tables than the traditional 24-table max at PokerStars, and he had to show a profit after eight hours. The record attempt came down to the wire, but Nanonoko did it after besting a little-known Russian player by one hand. Lew’s official stats were 23,493 hands and a $7.65 profit.

Now this is all quite impressive when you consider the fact that he was playing 2,936 hands per hour, and still showing a profit afterward. However, some of the people at TwoPlusTwo weren’t quite so impressed since they thought he should’ve showed a larger profit for the relative stakes, and they didn’t think it was much of a record to begin with. Here were some of the comments:

- 7$ profit? what a ****ing joke of a record.

- So what is this a record of? He didn’t even play the same game the whole time. I can break this record by playing a few hands until I’m up, then switch to play money and autofold for 7.9 hours. If guinness accepts this, shame on them.

- Nice congrats on beating some no name Russians records, were one step closer to winning the cold war people!

Despite the naysayers, it’s worth mentioning that Lew was playing 40 tables simultaneously at one point, and still maintaining a profit. This certainly isn’t the easiest thing to do in online poker either!

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