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Poker Pro, Sorel Mizzi Facing Firestorm of Allegations in Cheating Scandal

by Omar

That collective sigh you may be hearing through your monitor may just be the online poker community gasping in disbelief that another well-known online poker pro is being implicated as the mastermind of a new online poker cheating scandal. This time however, there are no cheated players coming forward, no requests for hand histories, nor even a named site where the impropriety may have taken place. Instead, this is a case of old-fashioned he-said, she-said hearsay. Where the truth actually lies, remains to be seen and it could be awhile before any of it is unraveled. The alleged perpetrator is a player named Sorel “Imper1um” Mizzi and some of the players he stakes and Mizzi is allegedly no stranger to online cheating allegations.

This round of accusations began with a couple of posts on the poker forums. This first post was quickly shut down by the site’s moderators for unknown reasons. However, a second post was posted in the News, Views and Gossip section and received several hundred replies in its first 12 hours online and it became apparent quickly that Mizzi’s name brings out some harsh feelings by those who monitor such scandal.

The post which is at the epicenter of the allegations contain what appears to a log of a chat from an internet instant messaging application between Mizzi and fellow pro Steve “thorladen” Weinstein. The log’s origin remains unknown but it is speculated to have occurred about 2 years ago following a period in which Mizzi saw his bankroll decimated by cheating players in Europe . In the chat, which is too long to post, Mizzi asks Weinstein if he had interest in participating in a complex cheating operation, the main method of which was using business software designed to allow multiple users to access PC’s from remote locations. The use of such technology could allow a single person to access an unlimited number of desktops at once.

Since the post which has drawn strong responses from hundreds, both Mizzi and Weinstein posted replies denying that any cheating took place, though neither has come out and questioned the authenticity of the logs. Mizzi has gone on the record stating that he is contemplating writing a lengthy post to answer the myriad of accusations against him. At present time, he has yet to do so. As this story builds steam, we will continue to provide updates should any new developments occur.

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