High Stakes Pro bashes Ryan Riess’ Final Table Play

by Jeremy Olson

Following his 2013 WSOP Main Event victory, Ryan Riess famously said that he felt like the “best poker player in the world.” This immediately sparked a number of tweets by more experienced poker pros who were either entertained by the comment, or just downright annoyed.

Those who fall into the latter category might get some joy out of reading Leggo Poker founder and high stakes pro Aaron Jones’ analysis of Riess’ heads-up play. Possessing thousands of hours of poker/coaching experience, few people are more qualified to bash Riess than Jones.

He posted the analysis on his Leggo Poker blog and critiqued the worst 5 hands that he saw from the heads-up match between Riess and Jay Farber. He started off the post by writing:

The 2012 Main Event Final Table featured some pretty stellar play and the best champion we’ve ever seen in Greg Merson, but everyone’s #pokerisdead overreaction was turned upside-down after the play at the Final Table of this year’s WSOP ME. I thought there were some gems (used sarcastically) at the entire Final Table, but since I missed most of it I’ll comment only on the HU hands while it’s fresh in my mind.

Jones proceeds to offer detailed analysis of the five hands that he saw plenty of flaws in. At best, it would appear that the high stakes cash grinder believes Riess is an average poker pro. Amid the negativity, he does say that Riess was good at picking his spots against Farber.

Assuming you’re interested in seeing the potential flaws behind Riess’ game, as well as getting a little free poker coaching in the process, you should definitely check out the hands that Jones discusses in depth.