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PPA Finally Putting Money Where Their Mouth Is

by Poker Team

Dispelling the notion on many popular Internet poker forums, the AP reported today that the Poker Players Alliance disclosed their financial spending for the second fiscal quarter of 2008. All told, they spent $283,000.00 on various lobbying efforts. This report was filed with the House Clerk’s office, which is required of all listed lobbying organizations.

While the amount is not a particularly large number for a group like the PPA, it should at least quell the roar that’s been present for about a year now on many of these forums. People essentially just wanted to know where their money was going, other than the letter writing campaigns that seemed to always make the front page of the PPA website.

The organization successfully sponsored two poker tournaments at the recent National Conventions of both the Republican and Democratic parties. They’ve also sent poker ambassadors to Washington several times this year. People like Doyle Brunson and Howard Lederer are members of the Board of Directors for the PPA and have appealed many times to Washington politicians.

The goal of the PPA is carve out legal definitions for poker that exempt the game from the overbearing reach of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which passed Congress in 2006 because of an underhanded move by corrupt Senator Bill Frist. Ever since, the PPA has sought to clarify the wording in that bill to protect the game that we all cherish.

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