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PPA Poker Ratings Guide

by Poker Team

The election is right around the corner and knowing where your local congressman or woman stands on the legalization of online poker can be a determining factor on whom you vote for this year. Online poker fans have a great new resource that helps them figure out where their local representatives stand on Internet poker in the USA.

The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) has founded, a website that provides its 1.2 million members and the rest of the world with a comprehensive rating guide for every member of the House and Senate based on their stance on poker. The guide gives grades from A+ to F-, where A+ would be a representative that has a favorable stance towards online poker and a F- grade means that the representative is a leader against online poker in the USA, an anti-poker extremist. This is just one part of an extensive effort by the PPA and former Senator Alphonse D’Amato to promote poker on Capitol Hill.

Most of the grades are based on past involvements in poker related bills; did the representative sponsor the bill and how they voted on them. Other factors taken into consideration are any Congressional letters of support, public statements, and private meetings with the PPA. The grades are always in flux and will be updated periodically.

To find a local Congressman or woman’s stance on online poker, users simply visit and enter their zip code. After searching, it will bring up a list of the representatives that represent their locations and the congressional representative’s stance on poker. The best part about the PPA Ratings Guide is that is provides users contact information so they can let their congressional representative know exactly how they feel about online poker.

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