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Possible Super User Scandal on Full Tilt Poker

by Poker Team

There is a currently unsubstantiated rumor circulating on the poker forums regarding suspicions of a super user who has in the past played by the name TexasLimitKing.  This player has enjoyed a high rate of success against the top players on the site and then mysteriously vanished.

Back at the start of 2008’s World Series of Poker, Howard Lederer, a Full Tilt Poker spokesperson gave an interview on during which he explained at length the technical reasons why it was impossible for a super user to infiltrate Full Tilt’s servers.  This is quite contrary to the current rumors flying around.

Making the situation even muddier has been the reluctance or inability of the site to provide hand histories upon request from players who feel they have been cheated by this individual.

There is a particularly troubling rumor from someone claiming to have heard that Full Tilt Poker administrators were aware of the issue and made a closed door deal with TexasLimitKing in which they would not take any action against him, he could keep his winning but he could no longer use the site nor discuss the matter.  At present time, no one from Full Tilt is confirming or denying that report.

According to passionate posters on twoplustwo, TexasLimitKing had an extraordinary run during which he took massive amounts of money from the likes of Phil Ivey and David Benyamine during high stakes heads up action.  Another player who lost much money to him, Neverwin, posted several of his failed attempts to obtain the hand histories.  In giving him the run around, Full Tilt is saying that they no longer have the records he is seeking.

These accounts are very troublesome to online poker players who are still reeling from scandals at UltimateBet and Absolute Poker.  It will continue to be a highly discussed topic and we at will be monitoring the situation closely.

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