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The following article is a review of the online poker rankings database. is a collection of useful tools designed to help poker players maximize their online profits. The current suite of tools includes a real time Table Selector, Player Research Tool, a Buddy List with Email Alerts, and a variety of Interesting Reports. Each of these tools utilize massive databases of compiled player results to provide accurate up to the minute data. is the world’s largest poker rankings database and online poker player ranking database. It’s been the go-to site for professional poker players since 2007. You can create a free account now to find leaks in your game and analyze your opponents. We’ve all heard that it’s difficult to win a gunfight armed with a knife. With so many players equipped with tracking programs like Hold’em Manager and PokerTracker, sitting at a table with no information on your opponents is a surefire way to get yourself killed. helps you bring out the big guns and play online poker more effectively.  Simply put, if you don’t use something like against your opponents, you might as well give us your money. Learn More

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For $12.95 a month, players gain access to PokerTableRating’s Premium Content. PTR Premium gives you in-depth player stats, position analysis, player modeling, and opponent match-ups from over nine billion hands.

Poker Table Ratings Promo Code & Discount readers are entitled to an exclusive 10% discount for ANY HAND HISTORY order only, on using promo code: NOTLUCK Features

  • The Premium Hand Replayer lets you review your sessions with key stats on every player:
  • The WebHUD is a real-time view of the tables you’re playing with your opponents’ key stats:
  • The Premium Table Finder helps you find the fish.
  • Online Poker Player Search

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Poker Hand Histories

PokerTableRatings also offers hand histories from every major poker room. Simply import the hands into Hold’Em Manager or PokerTracker, and you’ll instantly be able to see how often they’re raising from the button, how often they’re 3-betting, and more. From micro-limits all the way up to the nosebleeds, PTR offers cash game hand histories for full-ring, 6-max, and heads-up Omaha and Holdem players, limit and no-limit alike. PTR has also begun offering Sit-N-Go hand histories to help non-cash players further their game and crush the competition. readers are entitled to an exclusive 10% discount for ANY HAND HISTORY order only, on using promo code: NOTLUCK

Poker Table Ratings Calculation

You may wonder how they calculate the poker table ratings for the players. The players at each table are evaluated based upon their VP$IP, long term losses vs. long term winnings, and the total amount of data recorded for the players. Each player’s data is then compiled to provide a composite rating for that table. If the rating is high, you can be assured that you will be playing at a soft table with huge potential profits. If the rating is low, you can avoid that table and spend your time in a more profitable game. Easy as pie! I love this thing.


No other site on the web offers the variety of resources that PTR provides to their players. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just learning the game, is a must-have in every poker player’s arsenal. From free content to premium stats, ring-game to Sit-N-Go histories, HUD’s to fish-finders, PTR offers extremely valuable content to players of all skills and types. With so many tools to offer, it’s easy to see why PokerTableRatings is among the most visited poker websites in the world.

Register now for free to search for any player on FullTilt, Pokerstars, Bodog, Absolute, Cake Poker, and iPoker. You’ll be able to see a player’s earnings (or lack thereof), create a buddy list of their favorite fish, review the largest pots ever played, and track the biggest winners with the Ultimate Grinder Leaderboard.

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