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PokerStars WSOP Satellites

by Poker Team

In 2008, PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker site, sent over 2,000 players to participate in the World Series of Poker Main Event.  By far, this was the single greatest number of players sent by any site.  This year, they have just become the last major poker site to begin qualifying players for this year’s tournament.  Though getting out of the starting gates later than its competitors, PokerStars is still confident that they will be sending more players to the event than anyone else this time around as well.

WSOP Satellites 2009 - PokerStars

Just as in years past, PokerStars is offering a plethora of ways for players to win their way into the crown jewel of the poker world.  Running around the clock, the site is offering a wide variety of tournament types at varying buy in amounts for prospective qualifiers.  This means that even players with tiny bankrolls can earn their way in.

For example, they have several offerings under $5 which lead into main event qualifiers.  They are offering $2 and $3 rebuy tournaments, and a $4.40 triple shootout tournament.  Each day, there are several of these tournaments being offered, which maximizes players’ opportunities.  These tournaments are part of their tournament schedule and begin at set times.  There are however, several Sit and Go tournaments that begin when the set number of players registers.  This paves the way for someone to log in at a time of their convenience and take their best shots. Being offered this year are $27 and $80 multi-table tournament satellites as well as $8.80, $11, and $27 rebuys, a $24 double shootout into a satellite, and a direct qualifier into the main event through a $55 quadruple shootout.

PokerStars Steps Satellites

In addition to the added satellites, players can also attempt to enter by using PokerStars Steps system in which players can move up through a number of tournaments until they can participate in a single table tournament which the main event seat awarded to the winner.  Below are the cost to buy into each Step of the system:

Step 1 - $7.50 or 500 FPP.
Step 2 -$27
Step 3 -$82
Step 4 -$215
Step 5 -$700
Step 6 -$2,100

PokerStars FPP Satellites to the WSOP

Players with no money in their accounts are also eligible as well, provided they have saved up enough Frequent Player Points to buy into specially designated FPP WSOP satellites.  These FPP qualifying tournaments cost 40FPP’s, 400 FPP’s or 4,000 FPP’s.  A minimum of 3 players in the 4,000 FPP tournament wins a prize package.

Small Stakes WSOP Satellites

Some players may find the smaller stakes methods a bit cumbersome and time consuming, and for those players, PokerStars has something for them as well.  Players can also punch their Main Event ticket by winning their weekly $650 multi-table tournament, daily $33 rebuy, or daily $215 double shootout.

PokerStars Main Event Satellites

What do players who win Main Event seats get exactly?  PokerStars’ prize package is worth $12,000 which includes the main event seat, $1,000 in spending money and a minimum 8 nights hotel accommodation at the Palms hotel.  Some of PokerStars competitors are also offering prizes into other WSOP events but at press time, PokerStars has not committed doing the same.  It seems they are more focused on crowning another champion wearing their apparel as they have in the past with Chris Moneymaker, Greg Raymer and Joe Hachem.  Last year, 5 of the final 6 players left in the main event all were adorning the PokerStars brand.  They are hopeful they can reach that lofty goal once again.

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