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PokerStars announces return of Turbo Takedown

by Poker Team

PokerStars announced today they will be bringing back the monthly Turbo Takedown tournament at their poker room. After the success of the February tournament, Pokerstars will offer the Turbo Takedown as a regular monthly fixture of their already impressive tournament offerings.

Pokerstars Turbo Takedown

What exactly is the Turbo Takedown? This online poker tournament has a guaranteed payout of $1,000,000 with the top prize of $100,000. In February 2008, top honors went to German Poker player, mombasi, who won $200,000.

The best part about the tournament is that you can use your Pokerstars Frequent Player Points (FPPs) to enter, thus entering the tournament without having to pay a dime. Players simply enter the tournament with 5,000 FPPs and they have a chance at the $100,000 first prize. Even if you do not fair as well as first, one in every 3 players will walk away with some type of cash. That an excellent value and exactly why I am letting you know about this poker tournament.

When is the PokerStars Turbo Takedown?

The Poker Stars Turbo Takedown takes place on the last Sunday of every month at 14:30 EST. That’s 2:30pm EST for you US players not accustomed to converting.

The first of the regular Turbo Takedowns will be on May 25, 2008.

You can download PokerStars directly from our site by clicking on our link and then hitting the download button -> PokerStars

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