PokerStars to Host World’s Largest Online Poker Tournament

by Poker Team on December 23, 2009

Twice in the past, the world’s largest online poker site, PokerStars has set out to host the world’s largest online poker tournament and both times, they were able to do just that.

Back in December 2008, the first time PokerStars set out to do this, they rounded up 35,000 of their customers to take part in the successful attempt. Then, in July 2009, they set out to do so again, and that time were able to get over 65,000 players, representing an astonishing 155 countries. Their attempt, sanctioned by none other than the Guinness Book of World Records figured to stand for quite a long time. That was true until the powers that be at PokerStars decided they wanted to shatter there own record, further cementing their place in the online poker world.

The record setting attempt is scheduled for Sunday, December 27th at 2:45 PM and is boasting a prize pool of $300,000 guaranteed with a top prize guarantee of $50,000. It is being reported that the top 30,000 will finish in the money of the $1 buy in no limit hold em tournament.

In a statement released by PokerStars, Team Leader Bryan Slick said,

“There is a real thrill when the tournament begins and everyone realizes just how many people are taking part from all over the world.”

Players are already able to register for the historic event. Download PokerStars and play in the historic event!

Update: The results for this tournament are located here