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PokerStars to Deal 25 Billionth Hand

by Poker Team

It is quite an exciting time to be a player of PokerStars.  The site is currently running one of it’s most generous promotions ever.  18 months ago, the world’s largest online poker site dealt it’s astounding 10 billionth hand.  Incredibly, they are now on the verge of dealing their 25 billionth and to celebrate this latest milestone, PokerStars is running 4 different intertwined promotions.

25% Bonus on Deposits

For starters, they are offering their customers a special 25% PokerStars bonus for all deposits made before February 18th.  So if a player deposits $500, they are eligible to earn $125.  This is a great opportunity for players to really build up their bankrolls.  To earn the 25%, players must accrue a certain number of Frequent Player Points which accumulate the more one plays on the site.

Free Cash to Players

Perhaps the most exciting of the promotions are the cash prizes being awarded on the site.  All a player has to do is be lucky enough to be seated at a cash game table where a milestone hand is dealt.  Beginning with hand number 24,850,000,000, PokerStars is giving away cash to players dealt in on every millionth hand.  The table stakes and your VIP status will help determine the amount of the cash prize received.

The Billionth Hand Winner Prize Package

The pearl of the promotions is for the actual 25 billionth hand itself.  The winner of that particular hand will walk away with $100,000 in cash as well as a European Poker Tour Monte Carlo package, a PokerStars Caribbean adventure package, a World Series of Poker Main Event package and an entry into the next World Championship of Online Poker main event. That’s an astonishing $150,000 worth of prizes for the winner of that lucky hand. In addition, all the other players in the hand will split $100,000 so if it is a 6-handed ring game, they each will get $20,000 apiece.

It is a very exciting time to be a PokerStars player.  Online players everywhere will be striving to see just how lucky they really are.

If you don’t have an account yet, PokerStars can be downloaded for free through by using our PokerStars Link.

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