The PokerStars Sunday Million

by Poker Team

One of the biggest online tournaments you will find is the Sunday Million at, held every Sunday at 16:30 ET. The Sunday Million prize pool is a cool $1.5 million guaranteed every week. First place will payout$150K+ on a typical Sunday and even more on special weeks.

The Sunday Million payout structure pays out the top 20% so quite a number of players place in the money each week.

Register for the Sunday Million

To register for this massive tourney:

  • Download PokerStars
  • Open the PokerStars lobby.
  • Click Tourney
  • Click Special

Sunday Million Buy-in

On the first three Sundays of every month, you can buy-in for $200 + $15 in tournament fees, but on the final Sunday of each month, the buy-in is raised to $500 + $30 in tournament fees. On the last Sunday of each quarter, the Sunday Million entry is $1000 + $50 in tournament fees.

Sunday Million Satellites

You can also play in this tournament by winning a satellite seat for just a few dollars. PokerStars has Sit & Go Satellites as well. All satellites have low cash buy-ins, but if you have some Frequent Player Points (FPPs) credit points, you can win a seat for free. You can buy into a satellite qualifier for as little as 500 FPPs.

Where to find the Satellites

You can easily find a list of all satellites for the Sunday Million by selecting the Sunday Million in the “Special” list and clicking on the “Satellites for this tournament” link to the right in the tournament info box, or you can select “Tourney” and then “Satellites” from the lobby menu.

Sunday Second Chance

If you are not able to win the Sunday Million, you can try your shot at the Sunday Second Chance at 18:30 p.m. ET with a prize pool of $300K guaranteed. The buy-in for this event is $215.

Sunday Warm Up

A great way to prepare for the Sunday Million is to play earlier that day at the Sunday Warm Up, for a buy-in of $200 + $15 tournament fees or win a satellite for this tournament, as well. This tournament is also popular for European players who prefer an earlier tournament for their time zone. The Sunday Warm Up starts promptly at 12:45 EST.

Sunday Million Strategy

Expect to play for about 9-10 hours, if you are planning on making it to the final table! The money places usually start coming up after about the third or fourth hours. On the first three monthly Sundays you can expect about 6,000 opponents, and less on the higher buy-in Sundays. Many of these players are qualifiers who won their seat via a satellite, so don’t be intimidated by the grandness of the tournament. Experience is relative here, and there is definitely room for you to knock some suckers out if you are an average player.

You’ll start out with 10,000 chips with the big blind starting at 50 chips. Deep stacks strategies should be implied, including paying attention to implied odds and being prepared for more post-flop action than you might have experienced in smaller tournaments.

PokerStars Sunday Million Results

Many times will cover the Sunday Million and report on the results, but the best way to find the winners and complete results from the tournaments is by reading the PokerStars Sunday Tournaments blog where they have live updates and videos from the poker action at the Sunday Million.

Download PokerStars to play in the Sunday Million