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Sunday Million Record - Results 7/13/08

by Poker Team

It’s Monday and time for the regular recap of the PokerStars Sunday Million tournament. It seems this tournament grows a bit more each week and last night was no different as a record 14,181 players competed in the PokerStars Sunday Million, bringing the prize pool to a whopping $2,836,200. Players battled for about 10 hours until “TimDawg888″ was crowned the champion of the largest Sunday Million prize pool in history at about 4:30 AM EST on Monday morning.

PokerStars Sunday Million - July 13, 2008

Final Table at the Sunday Million - 7/13/2008

After 8 hours of online poker tournament play, the final table came down to these nine PokerStars players:


Bumper111 with the chip lead

As they entered the final table, it was actually Bumper111 with the chip lead. Shortly after play, Roundhauskik took a large pot with an AK against Bumper111′s pocket Q’s and Roundhauskik took the chip lead. It was all downhill for Bumper111 from there as Bumper111 was eliminated shortly afterwards in 8th place, as KAG1 went all in preflop with 4s-5s against Bumper’s Js-3h. The flop was 4h-Td-8c and the turn of 5h guaranteed KAG1′s victory in that hand.

Xanja takes command

Xanja was next to make some moves and claim the position of chip leader with some big pot wins. KAG1 went all in against Xanja but Xanja won the hand and had a substantial chip lead against the rest of the field.

Down to Three

After some other eliminations, the final three players were Xanja, PokerMurphy1, and TimDawg888. At this point, a deal was made between the final players where each was guaranteed the following amounts: $167,788.00 to PokerMurphy1, $205,356 for TimDawg888 and $235,000 to Xanja. There was an additional $30K that was still up for grabs for the winner.

A quick heads up match between TimDawg888 and PokerMurphy1 eliminated PokerMurphy1. The final heads up match was set for the July 13th, 2008 PokerStars Sunday Million.

Final Heads up Match - TimDawg888 vs. Xanja

Again Xanja took control of the final heads up match increasing the chip lead to more than double the amount of TimDawg888. Shortly afterwards, TimDawg888 made a move with his top pair, top kicker (Ah-Jc) and the chip counts were reversed. TimDawg888 was now in the driver’s seat and took command of the game. His aggressive play in the following hands sealed the victory. Here was how the final hand played out according to the PokerStars blog:

TimDawg888 raised pre-flop and Xanja re-raised. TimDawg888 made the call.

TimDawg888: A 8

Xanja: J J

Board: 5 A 2 9 Q

The Aces high sealed it for TimDawg888 as he came from behind to win the largest prize pool in PokerStars Sunday Million history at $235,356.

About TimDawg888

TimDawg888 (Timmay Tracy) is a 20 year old student from Franklin Tennessee. He is a frequent player on PokerStars and plays under the PokerStars screen name “timdawg888″. Keep and eye out for this guy at the tables. His previous best finish at an online tournament was 5th place at the $55 buy-in, $55 NLHE $25, 000 guaranteed at PokerStars.

Tim has a poker blog over at

Note: The PokerStars Sunday Million is the largest online poker tournament on the Internet and can be played every Sunday at 18:30 EST. Make sure to download from our PokerStars Marketing Code page so you can get the largest bonus available at PokerStars before playing.

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