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PokerStars battling Poker Table Ratings

by Jeremy

The data mining website Poker Table Ratings has made some nice profits by gathering tons of statistics and hand histories from players, and selling these stats at a price. Going further, they also show win/loss rates for players, and describe playing styles for specific pros.

Apparently, PokerStars has had enough of this statistics-for-sale business model, which is evident by the recent cease and desist letters they sent out to Poker Table Ratings. The world’s largest poker site has already assembled a legal team to deal with this matter if Poker Table Ratings doesn’t quit what they’re doing. This has all been covered by PokerFuse, which wrote the following regarding the situation:

The poker room has sent Cease and Desist letters, and—stating this was not just an “idle threat”—has “assembled a team of lawyers in multiple jurisdictions to follow up.”

The words come from Lee Jones, poker author and Head of Home Games at PokerStars. This is the first public confirmation from anyone at PokerStars that legal action has begun. It follows “considerable effort to track down the companies and individuals associated with PTR.”

PokerStars is just the latest poker room to crack down on data mining sites since Bodog/Bovada Poker have been engaged in a heated war with another website called The main problem that online poker rooms have with data miners is that many of their services come at a price. And it’s only the players who are willing to pay for these services that will gain an advantage.

Taking things a step further, some poker rooms are worried that data mining will keep discouraging recreational poker players from getting involved with the game - thus preventing new players from bringing new infusions of cash into the game.

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