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PokerStars Milestone Hand Hits at MicroStakes Table - 50 Billion Hands

by Omar

The world’s largest online poker site, PokerStars, reached a major milestone early yesterday morning, becoming the first site to ever deal 50 billion hands. The event obviously came as no surprise to most regulars in the online poker community as for the past 2 weeks, PokerStars was running a promotion to commemorate the historic achievement. The promotion, simply called the 50 Billion milestone hand promotion, awarded special cash bonuses at regular intervals leading up to the big hand.

Perhaps the most notable bit of news about the event was where it happened. As the hand numbers are distributed continuously on the site, there was no telling at what stakes the hand would be dealt.

As luck would have it, the hand was dealt at the tiny micro-stakes level at a .02/.05 6-max no limit hold em where no player can buy in for more than $5. This historic event likely was the biggest score that any of the involved players ever received. All 6 of the players received a free WCOOP Main Event seat ticket for this Sunday’s tournament, a value of $5,200. Additionally, all of the players earned a sweet cash prize as well. By winning a hand, a player named “tbvle” who was dealt pocket Queens won the pot, along with a bonus of $56,140. The remaining players divvied up about $15,000 and was dependent on the number of VPP’s each had earned in their previous 50 hands.

Just before the hand was dealt, play was momentarily slowed down to allow many of the Team PokerStars Pro members to watch the hand and congratulate the players. For those lucky six, it truly was a matter of being at the right place at the right time.

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