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PokerStars Loses a Poker Pro - Isabelle Mercier

by Poker Team

Usually, a poker player would be thrilled to sign on with and stay with a sponsorship with an online poker site. In the case of Isabelle Mercier, however, she has decided to opt out. Despite being on the Team PokerStars Pro roster for the past 5 years, Mercier has decided to step down from the team. In doing so, industry insiders say that she is walking away from one of the more lucrative deals around.

With growing speculation about the move and her future in poker in general, she decided to issue her own press release commenting that she

“currently has extensive projects, both nationally and internationally, in the world of poker,” and, “is not about to give up her life’s passion.”

She did not actually go into any details as to what those outside projects may be.

Following the successful release of her 2008 autobiography, there are reports that she could be working to sell film rights to her life story, which by all angles is rather interesting. She got her taste of the poker life as poker room manager at the famous Aviation Club de France. Upon seeing firsthand how much money could be made as a player, she simply sold all her assets to fund a poker bankroll, which to date, she has used to accrue over $1 million in tournament earnings alone.

In addition to winning the World Poker Tour Ladies Night II event in 2004 and winning the EPT Monte Carlo Ante Up for Africa, back in July, Mercier scored a $115,000 payday with a 3rd place finish. Interestingly enough, she abstained from most of this year’s WSOP, playing in just the main event and Ante Up for Africa tournament.

It will be interesting to see if her movie aspiration is able to come to fruition as much of the poker community would agree that there is a void of quality movies in this genre.

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