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PokerStars Finds a Unique New Partner, Fox Sports

by Omar

This truly is an exciting time for the online poker world. Over the past few months, online poker players have been treated to a plethora of big poker tournament series and big money in guarantees offered by online poker sites. Tens of millions of dollars have made their way into the accounts of players riding the wave of prosperity. In addition, after hitting a lull for a couple years, poker is once again making its way into the living rooms of fans and casual observers alike. Once the poker boom hit, television execs were quick to put as many poker related shows on the air, regardless of whether or not they were any good. While some programs such as ESPN’s World Series of Poker coverage and Poker After Dark were compelling to watch, other such as Poker Superstars and Celebrity Poker fell flat, and people stopped watching.

What happened as a result was that poker fans simply tuned out, opting to not watch any poker rather than subject themselves to sub par programming. Over the past 6 months, slowly but surely this has changed, and the momentum has been building as the networks are finally figuring out what it is that people want. That being said, yesterday PokerStars announced that they are taking their business and looking to do something different, this time teaming up with The two giants will be working together to build a free poker room on the website. Similar to what already has, the new offering is expected to feature a free-play poker room and up to the minute live tournament coverage. Additionally, the site will also provide its customers with explanations of the poker forms as well as strategy pieces. The new site is expected to rival that of sites like while providing much more depth than the ESPN offering.

The hope is that the PokerStars brand, the world’s largest poker site will leverage their name power to draw in as many eyes as any of the other poker strategy sites. Curiously, should online gambling be officially legalized in the future, this move could put at the forefront while possibly causing PokerStars to compete against itself somewhat.

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