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PokerStars Enjoys Record Growth in 2008

by Poker Team

Though overall, online poker experienced a bit of slowed growth. in 2008, most likely due to the fact that casual players are having a harder time in funding their accounts, PokerStars is the site that experienced the largest sustained growth, further establishing itself as the world biggest and best online poker site.

According to industry reports, PokerStars now boasts having a market share of 35% of all online poker players, that’s more than 1 in 3. owner Dan Stewart says, “That market share is the highest it’s ever been for PokerStars.”

Though tracking individual unique users is a challenging task, PokerScout has been tracking the number of concurrent players since 2006. Simply put, a concurrent player counts as the number of players at tables. For example, if a player is sitting down for 4 games, they will be counted 4 times. PokerStars was the largest grower in the industry in 2008 as total cash game traffic increased more than 14 percent in 2008, while PokerStars witnessed a 65 percent increase over 2007. This past week, PokerStars has seen an average of 22,800 cash game players at its cash game tables at any given moment.

FullTilt Poker by contrast was the second highest growing market this year and between the two of them, account for the overwhelming number of player on the internet at any given time.

The news wasn’t rosy for all sites as Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet lost 30% of their customers this past year, most likely partially due to the expose on 60 Minutes. PartyPoker also had a rough year as estimates are showing they too declined 26 percent in 2008 while Bodog lost 34% and Cake dropped a whopping 52%.

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